Rebrand 2016

Fordham Plastics


  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Design
  • Website
  • Campaigns


Since 1999, Fordham Plastics has provided consultation and equipment to plastics component manufacturers, helping them improve their operational efficiency.

Platoon built a new identity and website that positions Fordham not only as a leading equipment supplier but as the team of experienced professionals that they are.


Fordham’s new website is easy to navigate, allowing their customers access to important information about their different product lines.


Using Fordham’s new identity system, we helped produce stationery materials that help Fordham communicate their expertise to new and existing clients.

“Platoon's promptness and perseverance to resolve our internal system issues allowed us to consistently reach out to our broad range of customers, thus enhancing our customer interaction and ultimately increasing our sales.”

— Scott Zuber, CEO