Rebrand 2018



  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Design
  • Website
  • Campaigns


In 2005, online retailer TapeOnline built comprehensive business management software that automated the majority of their business. In 2016 they began offering the proprietary software as a service to other businesses under the name Cohub.

In order to grow, Cohub needed a way to differentiate from their competitors and speak to their ideal audience. We recommended positioning Cohub as a “mature” software brand — inspiring a sense of establishment, expertise, and trust.


We designed an interface that makes managing a business feel natural and refreshing.

We created a marketing website that encourages visitors towards a conversation with their sales team.


We helped Cohub source photography that promoted a feeling of ease and simplicity.


We developed messaging that targets busy entrepreneurs who are in the thick of it.


We designed a brochure that acted as a physical version of the website — providing prospects with helpful information about the product.

“Platoon was an invaluable partner in bringing Cohub to life as a brand. We knew we could trust them to tell our brand's story uniquely and effectively. If you have high standards, Platoon will exceed them.”

— Elliott Roche, Partner