Fordham Plastics

A new identity and website for a 25 year old manufacturing consultancy.


Fordham Plastics provides high-end plastics manufacturing equipment across the southeastern USA.


With a quickly growing staff, Fordham needed a visual identity that would address several immediate needs as well as act as a visual system for decades to come.


We designed an identity that would position Fordham not only as leading equipment suppliers but as the team of experienced professionals that they are.


As their product offering changes frequently, we built the website so that it could be easily managed internally by their marketing team.


“Platoon's promptness and perseverance to resolve our internal system issues allowed us to consistently reach out to our broad range of customers, thus enhancing our customer interaction and ultimately increasing our sales.”

Scott Zuber
Partner & CEO


Client: Fordham Plastics
Role: Strategy, Design, Art Direction
Discipline: Corporate Identity, Website