Discovery is a two-day brand strategy workshop that lays the groundwork for any brand-related project. The goal is to produce a single, unified brand vision to be built upon.


Brand Positioning

Your brand is what your audience believes to be true about your product or service.

Your brand positioning statement defines what you do, for whom you do it, and how you’re unique in the market. This statement is the foundation of all the devices that influence your brand’s audience.

Using the same process that is trusted by several Fortune 500 companies, we will work with you and your team to create a brand positioning statement quickly and methodically.



We’ll narrow your target audience down to 3-4 customer types, and create specific profiles for each one.

This will help both us better understand exactly who your customers are, and will reveal the best ways to can connect with them.



Chances are you’re reading this because you’ve identified that you need to improve an element of your brand. 

Together we’ll list all of your goals (however many), then we will prioritize them based on what is most important and feasible, mindful of both your resources and timeline.


Blueprint - Using everything we develop through the workshop, our team will research and develop a strategic blueprint, delivered to you with our full design recommendations, summary of the discovery findings, and an official timeline and budget.